My Heroes

Here is a list of my primary heroes in-game. I create typically with a focus on story first, then gameplay, and lastly race or sex.


  • Jr. Statesman | lvl 4


  • Graph X | lvl 3

Welcome to Paragon

It Takes All Kinds

There are many types of heroes in Paragon city. Each has their own style and strategy. Their own strengths and weaknesses.

Are you a run straight into the action kind of person? Then you might try an indestructable Tanker or hard hitting Scrapper. Do you prefer to stand back and analyzing a situation and forming a plan of attack? Do you prefer to fight crime alone, or would you rather take on a supporting role in a larger team.

There is a wide range of starting archtypes which include: Blaster, Controller, Defender, Scrapper and Tanker. Then after you have advanced a hero to level 50, two more archtypes become available to you, the Peacebringer and the Warshade.