8 Baller

Archtype: Tanker

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My Heroes

Here is a list of my primary heroes in-game. I create typically with a focus on story first, then gameplay, and lastly race or sex.


  • Jr. Statesman | lvl 4


  • Graph X | lvl 3

Hero Archtypes

Sometimes it Takes a Little Evil To Create A Hero

He was born into a large family crammed in a shoebox house in the projects on Kings Row. He was the eighth of nine kids.

Running from an abusive father and alchoholic mother, at age 13, Eight Baller took his younger brother Jaden and escaped to the streets.

Searching for a place to fit in, the children found the Hellions. The Hellions provided food, shelter and what appeared to be protection. In return, Eight Baller's extrodinary size and strength provided always needed muscle for the gang's activities.

It wasn't long before Eight Baller was advancing through the ranks of the Hellions and receiving something he'd never had before...respect. Jaden however was much smaller in size, and lacked Eight's strength. Instead of being a benefit to the Hellions, he was becoming a hindrance. The Hellions would have tossed Jaden out long ago, but they knew Eight would follow.

One night, the Hellions planned a way to get rid of the excess baggage and bind Eight Baller to the gang for life. They set up Jaden on a delivery mission and leaked the information to the Skulls, with the misinformation that he would be carrying thousands of dollars in drugs and cash, and knowing the Skulls would place a hit on the target to claim their reward.

According to the Hellions plan, Jaden would be out of the way and Eight would be filled with so much hatred toward the Skulls that his soul would be branded for life to eliminating the competing gang.

But the plan backfired on the thugs. Eight Baller caught wind of the Hellions's plan from another gang member. He arrived at the drop point just in time to see a dozen or so Skulls gun down his younger brother.

Filled with rage, Eight irradicated the group of Skulls then returned to the Hellions hideout. It was an old, delapidated hotel he called his home on the street. It was a place where he thought he had respect. Where he thought he was safe. He thought he had friends.

He barricaded all the exits from the outside and set the building ablaze making sure that no one walked out alive.

He wandered the streets as a recluse for years, with no direction, motivation, or purpose. Once a week he would return to the spot where Jaden was struck down and he would talk to his shadow. Almost as if waiting for it to give him some direction. Hoping for forgiveness.

His direction came one day, to that very spot, in the form of six teenage thugs harassing a young mother and her child.

When one of the punks drew a gun and threatened the child's life just for the contents of the mother's purse Eight found himself in the middle of a fight without ever realizing how he got there.

Seconds later it was over. Three thugs lay facedown on the black pavement while the others were sprinting a hundred yards away.

From that day forth, Eight Baller has mysteriously found himself at the right place at the right time. Guided by an unseen force. Always searching for forgiveness that he can never find.