Michael Angelo

Archtype: Controller

Download Michael Angelo's Official City of Heroes Collectible Card Game Card.

My Heroes

Here is a list of my primary heroes in-game. I create typically with a focus on story first, then gameplay, and lastly race or sex.


  • Jr. Statesman | lvl 4


  • Graph X | lvl 3

Hero Archtypes

Accidental Hero

"You have to love parents with a good sense of humor, right?"

"Take mine for instance. My dad, Mr. Marcus Angelo. The curator of Paragon's Art Museum, and self proclaimed undiscovered painter. He has a son and finds it humorous to name him Michael. Yep, that's right. Michael Angelo. Me."

"Geez, tell me that's not a name that's tough to live up to. But I gave it a shot. One heck of a shot."

Michael did have a lot to live up to, at least in the eyes of his father. From the day he was born he wanted Michael to be the world renowned artist that he himself never was. He sent him to all the best schools payed for the best teachers and bought him everything he could ever need for artistic stardom.

The training, and talent did pay off. And there was plenty of talent. Michael won art shows, student competitions and even a full scholarship to Paragon's highest rated art institute. Yes, he was truly on his way to living the life his father had planned.

"But one day a tanker truck drove right down the middle of my yellow brick road. A tanker truck from Crey Industries that was filled with something the lawyers called 'standard industrial byproduct', others call it 'toxic waste', and I like to think of it as my 'morning coffee'."

"When that tanker ran that red light, broadsided my BMW, and spilled...that glowing green 'morning coffee' all over my car, it took my hair, my sight, and my future."

"But as my vision faded into darkness, other senses began to emerge. It's true I could no longer see with my eyes, yet I found it possible to see through other peoples eyes."

"I could lock onto another persons conscious mind and see what they saw, feel what they felt. And it wasn't too long after that, just like an oil painting, I was able to alter what they were seeing and feeling."

"I could make people see things that weren't there, or not see things that were, like me. I find it extremely ironic to be a blind man that no one else can see."

"So I've had to change my plans and cancel a few classes at the 'ol Art Institute of Paragon. But hey, life is fluid. Nothing is carved in stone. You do what you can, work with what you got, and hope for the best."

"Yep, just like a fresh cup of morning coffee, that green goo was a real eye opener."