Archtype: Defender

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My Heroes

Here is a list of my primary heroes in-game. I create typically with a focus on story first, then gameplay, and lastly race or sex.


  • Jr. Statesman | lvl 4


  • Graph X | lvl 3

Hero Archtypes

Life Support

3VE, short for "Version 3.0", or "Eve" by her teammates, was built by Ipo as a support unit for fighting the villains of Paragon City.

Version 1.0 lacked any offensive abilities at all, which Ipo soon found necessary even in a minor scale.

Version 2.0 was powered by electricity, which provided a nice variety of offensive capabilities proved a problem on long Task Forces. Usually resulting in depleted batteries 2/3 of the way through the Task Force. Which was a bad time to lose your support teammates.

Eve, on the other hand, is powered by a miniature nuclear reactor providing a virtually endless supply of energy combined with a small array of offensive tactics with short term debuff effect.