In Progress

Windy Winters

Windy Winters is a storm/ice controller on Justice server. This piece is one I'm using to play around with different techniques.

In The Q

Character Name Status
Vestansan Inked
Dark_Kerse in da house
Night_Knight in da house
Striking Speedy in da house
_BAS_ in da house
Black Magistar in da house
Personamorpher in da house
Spinomania in da house
Thors Assassin in da house
Larissa Resputin in da house
Tax_E in da house
SAyres in da house
Dark_Ether in da house

Status Definitions

In da house - officially in line.

Sketch - roughing in the characters, composition and action lines.

Pencil - fine tuning the sketch and showing initial lighting.

Ink - clean black and white line drawing of the image.

Color - color introduction.

Polish - adding any special effects or extra touches to make it shine.

Released - done.

Art Gallery

8 Baller's Art Gallery

First, I'd like to thank all the folks on the City of Heroes boards and on Deviant Art for their feedback and support. I'd really forgotten how much fun this can be. I've drawn more in the last week than I have since I left college...and that was a while ago.

I've put a temporary freeze on taking any more commissions until I can get caught up on those already "in the Q" (list to the lower left). If I accidentally put your name in the list, or if you've already contacted me and I somehow left it out let me know and I'll fix it. I'll give you a shout out before I'm ready to begin on your piece to finialize details.

I'll be posting a pricelist after I get caught up with this batch of folks. Right now pricing in handled on a per customer basis. Payment is due in full before I begin work on the piece. Each piece should take between 1 to 1 1/2 weeks.

Character Paintings

Right now, I'm focusing on single character, full-color digital paintings that include a custom background and logotype. You can check out a few samples on my Deviant Art page. In addition to the full color painting, you'll also get a line art drawing since I go through that step before shading and coloring.

Art Specs

All artwork is created in digital format from initial sketch to full-color digital painting. All digital paintings will be delivered as both a high resolution (300dpi 8.5"x11") .tif, and low res (easy to email) .jpg format. If you need something else, I'm sure we can work it out.

Each commission should take between 1 to 1 1/2 weeks from the time that I start on it. I'll contact you right before starting.