Sir Shot

Archtype: Blaster

Download Sir Shot's Official City of Heroes Collectible Card Game Card.

My Heroes

Here is a list of my primary heroes in-game. I create typically with a focus on story first, then gameplay, and lastly race or sex.


  • Jr. Statesman | lvl 4


  • Graph X | lvl 3

Hero Archtypes

Driven By Search For Good

Sir Shot is a self-made hero. Other than being born with an overbearing sense of right and wrong, he wouldn't stand out in a crowd of normal Paragon civilians. He has no "super powers" to speak of, his pockets aren't overflowing from daddy's inheritance or some mysterious trust fund. In fact, on top of his heroic life he still actually has to manage to keep his "day job", at Steel Canyon's Cooke's Electronics, to support his heroic hobby. After all, being a hero isn't typically known to pay very well.

As a result, Sir Shot typically patrols the streets of Paragon in the night hours. And typically, much later than his body would like to allow considering the time he has to wake up in the morning.

But, such is life as a hero. Or at least that's how he's come to accept it.

The majorty of the equipment he uses could hardly be called high-tech. Most of it is wired together with spare electonics and circuit boards that would otherwise have been thrown out at work. You're more likely to find one of his trick arrowheads held together with duct tape than some machined titanium casing.