Archtype: Scrapper

Ian Adams, was a technology prodigy at age 10, with his uncanny ability to take apart and reassemble calculators, computers and other electronic devices on a whim.

By the time he was 16 he had graduated MIT, with top honors and a double major in nanotechnology and microbiology. He had also founded his own computer consultant company.


Hero Archtypes
  • Hit Points: Medium
  • Damage: High
  • Primary Power Category: Melee
  • Secondary Power Category: Defense

Getting Face to Face With the Bad Guys

No lone criminal wants to cross paths with a Scrapper - because odds are that only the Scrapper is going to walk away. Ferocity and skill make the Scrapper master of hand to hand combat. However, Scrappers do not have any ranged attacks, so they rely on the other Archetypes to help in battles requiring long-range punch. The Scrapper is resilient, though, and after the Tanker, the best Archetype at withstanding damage.