8 Baller

Archtype: Tanker

He was born into a large family crammed in a shoebox house in the projects. He was the eighth of nine kids.

Running from an abusive father and alchoholic mother, at age 13, Eight Baller took his younger brother Jaden and escaped to the streets.

Searching for a place to fit in, the children found the Skulls. The Skulls provided food, shelter and what appeared to be protection. In return, Eight Baller's extrodinary size and strength provided always needed muscle for the gang's activities.


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  • Hit Points: High
  • Damage: Medium
  • Primary Power Category: Defense
  • Secondary Power Category: Melee

Built to Take Damage

The Tanker is an irresistible force combined with an immovable object. This Archetype can take and dish out all sorts of damage. The Tanker is not totally invulnerable, but his skills allow the other Archetypes to play their parts, too. The Tanker is a devastating hand to hand combatant, and ranks second only to the Scrapper in sheer melee power. He possesses some ranged abilities, though far below those of the Blaster or the Defender. Tankers proudly stand in the front lines of battle in order to protect their comrades and, of course, the innocent.