Archtype: Defender

3VE, short for "Version 3.0", or "Eve" by her teammates, was built by Ipo as a support unit for fighting the villains of Paragon City.

Version 1.0 lacked any offensive abilities at all, which Ipo soon found necessary even in a minor scale.

Version 2.0 was powered by electricity, which provided a nice variety of offensive capabilities proved a problem on long Task Forces. Usually resulting in depleted batteries 2/3 of the way through the Task Force. Which was a bad time to lose your support teammates.

Eve, on the other hand, is powered by a miniature nuclear reactor providing a virtually endless supply of energy combined with a small array of offensive tactics with short term debuff effect.

  • Hit Points: Low
  • Damage: Low
  • Primary Power Category: Buff
  • Secondary Power Category: Ranged

It's All About Control

The Defender is a long-range support specialist. This Archetype is effective with ranged attacks (though not quite on par with the Blaster), but the Defender's true worth shines in another area. Defenders are the premier helpers in the game - they are the best at strengthening their teammate's abilities (buffing) and weakening foes (debuffing). They aren't built for lengthy hand to hand combat, though they aren't fragile, either. The Defender needs to keep an eye both on his teammates and the enemy - in order to see which requires his powerful attention first!