Freedom Phalanx

He is the icon of heroism in Paragon City. Legend has it he was the first hero to appear in the city. But he was not born with the superhuman abilities he now uses to fight evil.

Statesman began as an explorer named Marcus Cole. In 1929, he located the fabled Fountain of Zeus. When he drank from it's waters he was bestowed with the power of the Greek gods themselves.

Since that day he has used those powers to fend off a wide array of villains from the place he calls home, Paragon City.

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My Heroes

Here is a list of my primary heroes in-game. I create typically with a focus on story first, then gameplay, and lastly race or sex.


  • Jr. Statesman | lvl 4


  • Graph X | lvl 3

Welcome to Paragon

Inventions and More

Well, I have to say, issue 9 launched for the most part, without too many bugs. And thankfully none of them were as frustrating or gamebreaking as the holiday special event launch last Christmas. Inventions and the new enhancements are very cool, I guess it will just take time to see how they effect the game in the long run. But I have to admit, it's pretty cool to be getting a wider variety of 'drops' rather than just inspirations and enhancements.

In fact, the only thing I can say I'm a little disappointed in with all the new stuff is the frequency of costume piece drops. I was REEEEALLLY looking forward to some of those costume pieces and at least right now they're going for upwards of 10,000,000 (yeah, that's million) influence a pop for most. That is, if you try to purchase them at the auction house.

I think they did an awesome job handling player auctions by the way. It very different, and I think much better than World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings. It's too different to try to describe here, but let's just say I think it works pretty darn well.

And on top of all the cool stuff, I got my three year vet reward pet power for all my toons. Sure, the pets are as functional as a snowball temporary power, but they help accent a few of my characters stories. I have to say it's pretty funny to see my huge robot tank "Clank" walking around with his new tiny clockwork bot "Clink". They kinda resemble Schwarzenegger and De Vito from the movie "Twins".

Issue 9 in Weeks?

At least that's the word from CoX's lead designer at the Game Developers Conference this week. I hope it's true, and I hope they leave the bugs on the test server.

I'm an Envisionary!

It's just fun to say. Actually, even though I've played CoH since beta, somehow I'd managed to miss the fan art/fan fiction forums on the official site. Earlier this week I stumbled across the nicest crew I'd seen on any of the forums. They were even gracious enough to invite me into their supergroup the "Envisionaries", which of course I had to make a special toon for the occasion. Thus, Graph X was born.

Leveling Out the Dive

Well, it may have taken until late February to get things straightened out again, but the majority of the bugs seem to have disappeared for the time being.

Yes, it's February and I can finally trade the special holiday gift powers with my brother. But honestly it is good to see thing stablize once again. I was really starting to worry if they'd be able to pull out of the power dive develop began since just before Christmas.

Christmas Meltdown

I've played CoX since beta of Heroes and one thing I can say is that it's always been much more stable than any other MMO I've ever played. As I've mentioned in the past "patch days" are typically looked forward to in CoX and not avoided like the plague as in most other MMOs. But something seems to have gone strangely awry. It seems the villains have taken over the servers with fatal bugs and crashes.

Never, since launch, have I seen so many random critical bugs in the game. These range from horrible drops in frame rates, to sudden crashes, to *gasp* spontaniously restarting your computer.

They have gotten so bad that you can't manage to form a team of 5 or more people, head out to a mission, and complete the mission without losing at least ONE person (and praying it wasn't you).

Sure, the new ski slope event is a ton of fun. And the Christmas present powers are...well ok...pretty worthless. 25 POINTS of debt protection is like wearing a debt band-aid to a heavy weight match. But lets pretend for a moment that the presents were worthwhile. In the case of the (you can only give this to another character) present, it would be pointless if you CAN'T GIVE IT TO ANYONE!

I don't know how many presents I burnt trying to give them to my brother as a gift...that he never got.

And people are taking notice. The boards are filled with players....long time players that are throwing in the towel. You can add my brother to that list and as for can expect a little break until things get straightened out.

All this proves, yet again, that people will play a good (solid) game without requiring frequent updates. They will not, however, stick around and play a broken game. Star Wars Galaxies proved this, World of Warcraft proved this, and now I'm sorry to say CoH seems to be confirming it once again.

Issue 8 Is Live! Veteran Rewards! Sweeeeeeeet!

That's right, issue 8 is finally live and so are the long awaited veteran's rewards. And I have to say, they're pretty much worth the wait. Then again, I'm one to just be greatful they decided to hand 'em out. So anything is pretty much just a bonus.

I've been playing since beta of CoH, so had a pretty good stash of things pop up when I logged in each toon. My favorite is probably the "Sands of Mu" power. It's a nice melee power that does decent damage and seems to have a pretty consistant accuracy.

Other rewards include nice decorative stuff for your bases, various respec tokens, new custom pieces and designs, and numerous free tailoring session tokens (not like I need any more of those).

All in all, pretty good stuff, especially if you consider it's just "icing on the cake" type of stuff.

What is City of Heroes?

Thousands of ordinary people from all walks of life, from all around the world lead double-lives. Most spend their days as doctors, students, dentists, electricians or any number of everyday occupations. But when they're not on the clock, they answer their true calling as superheroes of Paragon City.

They defend the city against a wide array of villains and evil-doers while producing ice, fire and electricity from their fingertips. They save many people in need with lightening fast super speed and even flight.

City of Heroes is a Massively Multiplayer Online game developed by Cryptic Studios and distributed by NCSoft.